Why it's Important to Repair Rock Chips

It can be quite frustrating when a rock shoots up and chips your windshield. Even when you keep a safe following distance, it can still happen. When your windshield suffers a rock chip, it's important to repair it quickly so the damage doesn't grow to the extent that windshield replacement becomes necessary. And when looking for a place to get your rock chip fixed, it's always best to go to an actual shop instead of a pop-up roadside tent. This way, you'll be able to easily hold the shop accountable for the quality of the repairs. Here's a look at five reasons to repair rock chips as soon as possible.

Protection During an Accident

A chipped windshield is more likely to shatter if you get in a wreck. If your vehicle rolls over during the accident, a shattered windshield increases the chances that the roof will cave in, which could put you in grave danger.

Prevent Windshield Replacement

When rock chips are left unaddressed, they can expand to the point that the windshield needs to be replaced. In most cases, if the rock chip has a diameter smaller than a quarter, then it can be fixed. But with larger chips, windshield replacement is often necessary.

Safe Visibility

Rock chips can obstruct your view of the road ahead, which could make it challenging for you to notice any looming safety hazards.

Timely Repairs

In many cases, rock chip repair can be completed in half an hour, which makes it convenient for you to get the work done without sacrificing a huge part of your day waiting for your car to be ready.

Assistance with Insurance

Rock chip repair is regularly covered by comprehensive insurance plans. When you get your rock chip repaired at a reputable shop, the staff can assist with handling the insurance matters, which will make the whole repair process less stressful for you.

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Posted: November 22, 2020

Written and Published By MORBiZ