What to do after an auto accident

What to do after an auto accidentUnfortunately being involved in a car accident is not exactly a rare occurrence. While wrecks occur thousands of times a day across the country many people are not prepared for it to happen to them. If you have been involved in an accident with just yourself or multiple cars it's important to act quickly so that both you and your car get the care that you need and deserve to make a full recovery.

Check for injuries

As soon as the dust settles be sure to assess yourself to see if you feel OK physically. If you're able to check on your other passengers and then on anyone else who may have been involved in the accident. If it is found that any major injuries have been sustained contact emergency services immediately.

Call 911

Even if nobody has major injuries to immediately complain of it is important to call 911 anyway. Doing so will prevent any involved parties from leaving the scene of the accident and it will give you a chance to file a police report. Filing a police report is a great piece of evidence to give your insurance company when filing an insurance claim.

Collect evidence

Speaking of evidence there are several items you should collect before leaving the scene the accident. Snap photos of the scene and damages to your car, both close up and far away. Also collect the insurance information and photos of drivers' licenses of other drivers involved. If possible, have witnesses fill out statements. All of this will prove valuable when you deliver it to your insurance company.

Contact your insurance company

Prior to leaving the scene you'll want to contact your insurance carrier to ensure you're complying with their rules for filing a claim. They will likely ask you to provide them with the evidence you've collected and then give you options regarding who to visit for auto body repair.

Find expert auto body repair

While your insurance carrier may suggest a body shop to visit for service it's important to remember that you can pick any shop you'd like to conduct collision repair. Since the choice is up to you be sure to do your homework, as not all shops are created equal. Find a shop that employs I-CAR Gold Class experts to ensure you get the best service possible.

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