What is Body Panel Replacement?

What is Body Panel Replacement?Depending on the type of damage that your vehicle sustains in an accident an auto body technician may elect to use one of several methods of repair to restore your car's appearance. While some blemishes call for paintless dent repair or the use of body filler and a fresh coat of paint, there are certain types areas of damage that are most easily repaired by replacing the hindered panel. Most cars and trucks have replaceable body panels, which means instead of spending hours trying to fix a big dent, the costs can be designated to the replacement of the panel as a whole. Let's look at some examples where this may be applicable.

Fender Replacement

Not all newer vehicles have fenders that are individual pieces. If your car does have fenders, which are the areas generally above the wheels, that have been dinged and dented and can bolt on and off, replacing them is often the quickest method of repair when damage is severe.

Hood Replacement

Scratches, dings and dents that occur on hoods can often be repaired using a number of methods, such as respraying it with color match paint or pulling the dent. However, excessive damage may be most easily repaired by simply replacing the busted hood.

Trunk Lid Replacement

Similar to the hood, trunk lids are often easy to remove with just a few bolts and perhaps disconnecting and rerouting some wires for lights or electronic trunk releases. This is often quicker and easier than repairing heavily damaged trunk lids.

Door Replacement

While modern automobile doors can be full of electronics, replacing the whole door and, if necessary, repainting the new one to match the car, is often the fastest way to repair large dents and heavy scratching.

Bumper Replacement

In the old days bumpers were meant for actually bumping. Today the bumpers of vehicles have become a part of the body style and the paint often matches, so scratches and dents on bumpers look horrible. Thankfully replacing the bumpers can be replaced quite easily in most cases.

Grill Replacement

A broken grill can make any car look substantially damaged, even if it is just a minor ding or dent. To get your car's smile looking good as new consider replacing it with a brand new one.

At Yeaman Auto Body we always assess vehicles to identify the quickest and most effective method of repair depending on the auto body damage that occurred. This saves our customers time and money when they need auto body repair in Palo Alto or the surrounding area. To learn more about our shop, or to request an estimate for body panel replacement or other collision repair in Palo Alto give us a call at (650) 460-5232 today!

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