What are the leading causes of auto accidents?

What are the leading causes of auto accidents?Even if you're the most defensive driver in town, every time you get behind the wheel, it's possible that you'll end up in an accident. Unfortunately, you just can't control the aggressiveness of other drivers. And with the modern smartphone obsession, we're constantly among drivers who are distracted by their electronic devices. Here's a look at six leading causes of car accidents.

Distracted Driving

The number one cause of car accidents is distracted driving. While smartphones are a major reason that people don't keep their focus on the road, there are other accident-causing disrations to be concerned about, such as screaming children and the application of makeup.

Drunk Driving

Some state governments have increased punishments for drunk driving, but it's still all too common for intoxicated drivers to jump behind the wheel, which poses a major risk to innocent citizens and their families.


Speed limits are determined in a way that is meant to maximize safety. Speeding makes accidents more likely to occur because there becomes less time to react to any unexpected roadway hazards.

Night Driving

Nighttime driving makes it harder to see potential hazards, which makes it all the more important that your car has headlights that function optimally.

Aggressive Driving

Instances of aggressive driving, such excessive speeding and unsafe lane changes, unfairly put other drivers at risk of getting into a serious accident.

Poor Weather Conditions

Pounding rain can not only make roads dangerously slick, it can also reduce visibility, especially at night. When these hazards are combined, there is a significant increase in the possibility of an accident occurring.

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