Weather Related Auto Body Damage

Weather Related Auto Body DamageWhen people think of auto body damage it isn't uncommon to picture a car crash involving multiple vehicles as the source. However, there are many other things that can damage a vehicle's finish, Mother Nature being one of them. Weather related auto body damage is incredibly common and is often noticed following some form of storm. So, how can weather can damage to your vehicle?


Excessive moisture is an enemy of metal. Moisture from rain or snow may become trapped in the metal, resulting in rust that will slowly eat away at your vehicle. Rust will occur if bare metal is exposed to the moisture, which is why it is important to always have scratches and minor paint flaws repaired as soon as they are noticed, as this helps prevent the onset of rust.


Hail can do a lot of damage to a vehicle. A hail storm may result in your vehicle acquiring many little dents all over the roof, hood and trunk. In order to remove these dents extensive paintless dent removal may need to be performed, as paint generally is not affected by hail damage.


While it often takes years to happen, the sun can cause vehicle paint to fade with time. Cars that are used in places that receive more sunny days per year than average are going to experience fading and paint cracking on a much greater scale.


Wind itself won't necessarily cause damage to your vehicle, but the debris it carries will. High winds carrying sticks, twigs, garbage and other items may strike your car, resulting in scratches, dings or dents.

To give your car the best chance of survival try to always park indoors, if the option is available to you. For auto body repair in Palo Alto head to Yeaman Auto Body. Our team of I-CAR Certified collision repair technicians will ensure that your vehicle is returned to its original condition. To learn more about our services or to request an estimate for professional auto body repair in Palo Alto related to weather or otherwise, give us a call at (650) 460-5232 and our team will be happy to help.

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