Getting an Auto Body Repair Estimate

Getting an Auto Body Repair EstimateFollowing a car accident it's common practice to get an estimate to have any auto body damage repaired. To do so you'll need to visit an auto body shop. To ensure you understand what the estimate means we want to shine a little light on the quote process. In the most basic sense, receiving a quote amounts to getting a statement of the approximate costs to fully fix the vehicle. But why do you need to do that?

What is the point of an auto body repair quote?

People don't generally buy anything without knowing how much it is going to cost, so why would auto body repair be any different? An auto body repair quote is no different than the sticker price on any commodity, with one small difference. Although very accurate in most cases, there can be some variance in what the final cost will be to receive the car.

When completing an estimate the collision repair technician won't be disassembling the vehicle but will be basing their estimate based off visible damages. Things can take a turn, for better or worse, once the repairs begin. As the repair shop takes the damaged vehicle apart after receiving the OK to begin they'll be able to better assess the condition of the car and inform you of any extra work that may be needed to get your vehicle safely back on the road.

The other important reason, which is actually a necessity, to get an estimate is so your insurance is aware of the costs to get your car roadworthy and fixed up. In most cases a quote is required to begin repairs when filing an insurance claim after an accident.

Getting multiple estimates for insurance purposes

If you select a reliable auto body repair shop to complete the first estimate on your car or truck there is no reason to get a second quote. While your insurance company may ask you to get multiple there is no law that says you must do so. While you can choose to get multiple estimates, just remember that any fluctuation in the dollar amount (lower cost) often represents inexperience, not necessarily dishonesty.

The final bill compared to initial estimate

Remember, an estimate is just an estimate and it is possible for the final costs to differ from the estimate. While the final bill may come in over or under the original estimate, it isn't likely going to be too far off from the original quote.

If you've been in a car wreck and are looking for a very accurate auto body repair estimate in Palo Alto head to Yeaman Auto Body. Our highly skilled collision repair team can give you a very close estimate as to the repair costs for your vehicle. Of course we're always happy to work with your insurance. To schedule an estimate for quality collision repair in Palo Alto give us a call at (650) 460-5232 today.

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