Tips to Keep Your New Paint Job Looking Great

Tips to Keep Your New Paint Job Looking GreatOnce you've invested in a new paint job for your vehicle, you want to keep its unscathed shine for as long as you possibly can. While advances in auto paint technology will help to prolong that fresh sparkle, there are also some things you can do yourself to help make sure the paint job continues to look great. Here's a look at four easy tips on how to keep your new paint job looking shiny.

Park in Shady Location

It's particularly important to park in the shade during the summertime, when the sun becomes blistering. In addition to preserving your new paint job, this will also make it more pleasant when you get back in your car. At home, it'll be best if you're able to consistently park in a garage or carport.

Park at a Distance from Other Vehicles

Urban and suburban parking lots can be extremely cramped. As a result, car panels can be prone to damage from other people opening their doors. If you don't mind a little extra walk, you can prevent this from occurring by parking at the far end of the lot where your vehicle will have a little more breathing room.

Always Use Proper Washing Materials

Because of their abrasiveness, you don't want to use a regular ol' washcloth with dish soap. Rather, to keep your paint unscratched, it's better to use auto-industry approved cleaning agents with 100% cotton washing mitts.

Waxing with Caution

Every time you wash your car, it's good habit to also wax it. Prior to waxing, it's important to make sure that there is no obvious dirt or debris on the surface so that you don't end up scratching the paint. It's also best to always wax your vehicle when it has cooled off and is parked in the shade.

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