5 Ways that Computerization Makes Auto Body Repairs More Efficient

5 Ways that Computerization Makes Auto Body Repairs More EfficientWhen a shop makes it a priority to use the most advanced technology, the repair process will be made more efficient, helping to save both time and money. If you need auto body repair, be sure to choose a shop that employs service techs who are proficient with the latest computerized equipment. Here's a look at five computerized repair services offered by a reputable auto body shop in Palo Alto, CA.

Computerized Frame Repair

With computerized measurements, your frame will be returned as closely as possible to its original factory specifications. This will help to keep you better protected if you are involved in another accident at some point down the road.

Computerized Color Matching

With computerized color matching, you can trust that the service tech will seamlessly restore your paint job to its pre-accident appearance. And with the use of Standox modern car paint technology, your paint job will be completed with a product that is of premium quality, as well as environmentally-conscious.

Computerized Estimates

A computerized estimate will accurately account for all relevant parts and labor costs. With computer assistance, these estimates are completed in very little time, helping you to make your decision more quickly so that you can ultimately get back on the road sooner.

Computerized Parts Ordering

To expedite the repair process, the shop will employ computerized ordering that ensures the prompt and accurate arrival of all needed parts.

Expert I-Car Technicians

For current I-Car certification, service techs need to take continuing education courses that ensure they remain fully trained on the proper use of the latest technology.

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Posted: July 21, 2020

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