Common Types of Auto Body Repair

Common Types of Auto Body RepairIf you have recently been involved in a car accident you may be wondering how your vehicle will ever look like new again. Dings, dents, scratches and other damage are not only visually painful, they could be hiding other, more detrimental issues, such as a bent frame. No matter what sort of damage your car has suffered, it can be fixed, in most circumstances, outside vehicles deemed to have been totaled. Let's take a look at how damage can be repaired.


A car that has been hit in a way in which a dent occurred by the paint was not damaged may be a candidate for paintless dent repair. This is the process of removing a dent without having to repaint the vehicle. For this process to work the damage must be accessible from the backside, meaning it works best on hoods, trunks, fenders and door panels.

Dent Repair

There are several ways to fix a dent, outside of paintless dent repair. Two common methods include, one, using body filler putty, which fills the dent and is sanded to match the contour of the car's body. The second option is to insert a tool that spreads behind the dent after drilling through it, then pulling it out and filling the hole. Both these options will require repainting the damaged area.

Body Panel Replacement

In some cases the simplest method of repair is to completely replace the damaged panel. This may include fender replacement, door replacement, bumper replacement, hood replacement, trunk lid replacement or other body panel replacement.

Color Match Auto Painting

If your car has been damaged in a certain area only it is possible to fix the body damage using filler and other methods and then only paint the hindered area to match the rest of the vehicle. This is a specialized technique called color match painting that will save you money over the cost of a full paint job.

Frame Repair

In nearly half of all accidents that occur there is some sort of frame damage. The frame supports the engine, transmission and other major vehicle components, so it is important that it is structurally sound. Frame repair may require laser straightening, welding and other high tech methods.

If you've been involved in an auto accident be sure to remember that the decision regarding which shop will work on your car is yours. At Yeaman Auto Body we provide full service auto body repair in Palo Alto for all makes and models. We will be able to provide you car with the services it needs to return it to its pre-accident condition. To learn more about our auto body repair services or to request an estimate for collision repair in Palo Alto give our friendly team a call at (650) 460-5232 and we'll be happy to happy.

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