Common Kinds of Windshield Damage that Should Be Fixed Quickly

As soon as you notice that your windshield has suffered a crack or chip, you'll want to be proactive about getting it repaired. If you wait, the damage could soon grow in size to the point that it can no longer be fixed, and you'll instead need windshield replacement. As a general rule, if the rock chip is smaller than a quarter, then it can be fixed. And cracks that are shorter than five inches are often repairable.

When you need windshield repair, it's always best to go to an actual shop instead of a roadside pop-up tent. This way, you can be confident you're getting expert repairs, and you'll be able to easily hold the shop accountable for the quality of the work. Here are five common types of windshield damage that can be repaired quickly.

Windshield Crack

Large windshield cracks can cause a safety hazard by reducing visibility and should be addressed promptly. Also, a crack could make your windshield more likely to shatter during an accident. This creates a major safety concern because it could increase the chances of your roof caving in if your vehicle rolls over.

Star Chip

The star chip has lines that jut outward from the point of impact. Because star chips tend to crack further, it's always best to repair them as soon as possible so you can avoid windshield replacement.

Bullseye Break

The bullseye break is one of the easier rock chips to repair, and can be quickly identified by the rings surrounding the point of impact.

Partial Bullseye Break

Also known as the half moon, this chip's half-circle shape often results from an object impacting the windshield at a sidelong angle. This tends to be one of the more challenging rock chips to fix.

Combination Chip

If the chip has characteristics of more than one type of rock chip, then it's considered a combo chip. These chips are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to see if they can be fixed or if the windshield will need to be replaced.

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Posted: January 22, 2021

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